A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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3months in India "Thangka of Guru Rinpoche"
I stayed in Bir,north India for about 3 months to learn more about thangka painting.
"Tsering Jong"
View of snow mountain from the monastery,early in the morning.
It's very pleasant on a sunny day.
But it's very cold without sun...
The main purpose of my trip to India was to learn more about handling the colors.
But I decided to paint one,,,or two thangkas for this opportunity so that I can learn more things not only about colors. 

Even in the same tradition of Karma Gardri, the painters always have special technique which they learn from their experience.
Starting with making the canvas.
Mixing chalk,ocher and hide glue.
Heat and mix well.
Apply it to the white cotton which is stretched on the wooden frame and let it dry.

Place the stone plate under the cotton canvas,

then using this stone,,,

moistened and rubs,moistened and rubs,moistened and rubs,,,

Then start drawing,
2 thangkas at the same time.

Drawing of the Guru rinpoche is copied from a book.
Scenery is by the teacher Kalsang Dorje ,from Derge region Tibet.
Rough sketch with charcoal by Kalsang Dorje
The face drawing is also done by him.
The canvas seems quite yellowish compare to the images above and the real thangka is closer to  this color,in fact.
The color need to be heated to keep good fluidity.
Extra use of the electric heater.
Also used to burn the incense.
Indian electric heater is quite tough!
A bit scary,,,
Some of the tools are handmade.

And the colors also.
or this is for the color of red shade,,,
Soaking in the hot water.
Finally I decided to concentrate on only one of the thangkas,otherwise I may not finish even one.
then finally finished.
By the way, below are the images of the new terminal of Delhi airport. It's really nice.
They don't check anymore the check-in-baggage as before. Wonderful!
Just the immigration officer doesn't change their way of the work...


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