A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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The booklet of the praises to 21 Taras "Tibetan font with Adobe"

Here is the update about "the booklet of the praises to 21 Taras" with the image of each Tara which I have been working.

For the moment I'm concentrating on the Japanese version and it's finally come to the finel phase. I'll make English and French version as soon as the Japanese version is done.

I was having some problem making the "outlined data" for a while.

"outlined data" is like this one.

​and this is the original image.

It was suppose to be an easy task with the software "Adobe Illustrator".

I downloaded and installed the latest version of Illustrator. But,,,didn't work.

"Maybe I'm doing wrong way. Let's do it again", then tried again,,,,didn't work.

Tried different way,,,,didn't work.

Asked to some of my friends for help but didn't work!

The problem was that the Tibetan font didn't show properly with Illustrator. At the end, I found that the Adobe products are not good with Tibetan fonts.

The position of "Ra-ta", "La-ta" or "Ya-ta" are too high! and the propotion of "Ra-ngo", "San-go" or "Lan-go" are too big...I think I better explain it with some example.

Example 1:

And when I open it or type it with Illustrator,

See the first letter "Om". The small circle on the top is too low. It's overlapping with the vowel sign below.The second and third character are also not correct propotion.

Example 2:

​And with Illustrator,,,

The lower part of the first character is overlapping with the root letter.

This happened with both Illustrator and Photoshop so I think it's the same with other Adobe products.

It's quite surprising that Adobe products are not compatible with Tibetan fonts. It wouldn't be difficult for them to fix it, I think. I hoe they will fix it very soon. Or maybe I wasn't doing in good way? I don't know. I appreciate very much if anyone can tell me how to fix it.

Anyway, I couldn't find the solution to fix it this time so I searched on the internet another software to make outlined data. The one I found was a free software and worked very well with Tibetan fonts.

The data I made was sent to Japan and I received "OK" from the printer.

Few days later I received a message that a sample of the booklet was done and they sent it to me. It should be somewhere between Japan and Spain now. I'm expecting to receive it next week.

I can't say the Spanish post service is good. We have had enough problem and most of them are because of irresponsible service of the deliveryman.

So I really hope to receive the sample of the booklet soon and safe.


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