A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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Lotus pond

The internet connection which came back to us alone has left us again even we have done nothing.

No way but to use my limited smart phone connection.

Fortunately I could make my Facebook page before the internet had gone. →https://www.facebook.com/TibetanThangka.KarmaGardri/


Now I'm working on a new paint which will be filled with a lot of lotus(lotuses?).

Lotus flower are often,,or almost always depicted in Thangka painting as scenery, offering or design on the deities clothing.

​Simplified and very often  bilaterally symmetric.

For Thangka painting, this is good and nice. Everything is perfect in the realm of deities.

In my personal opinion, I don't really find nice to see very realistic depiction in Thangka painting.The more realistic, the more there is a painter's preference or taste which might narrow the view or the imagination of practicioner.

Specially the face which is easily influenced by time.

Now's beauty might not be beauty in 100 years.

Of course, too much simplified also is not nice. That's something we should learn by seeing many Thangkas and listen to the opinion from practitioners.

Those are for when I paint the Traditional Thangka painting. The new paint I'm working on now is not "Traditional" and I'd like to paint the lotus, which will cover almost half of canvas little more realistic than usual Thangka style.

It will be very,,,stiff if all of lotus are symmetric, I think.

But the only lotus I know how to paint is the lotus of "Thangka painting". So I suppose I need some training starting with drawing of lotus on a sheet of paper....

,,,another sheet,,,

and another,,

and I found that I'm not good to make it "realistic".

I have never learned.

The lotus I drew, they are symmetric and simple, very much the lotus of "Thangka painting". Not at all realistic.

When I try to make it not symmetric, I feel like there is a strange space, and unbalanced. Feels like I've forgotten something to draw.

Maybe I should be happy? This is the result of days and days of my training as Thangka painter in Nepal.

I've heard that the Thangka painter should not paint other than Thangka. If not he will lose the hand as Thangka painter.

But,,,I want a bit realistic lotus this time.

I should see more lotus.

Fortunately I can find a lot of images of lotus on internet specially now it's the season of lotus in Japan!

Starting again the training. Draw a lot of lotus on a sheet of paper. Never mind small detail, mistake or difference. Just draw one after another.

Sometimes later I started to make drawing on the canvas as I started to be able to make nice looking(for meat least) lotus after several sheets of paper filled with lotus.

Drawing with a pencil following the Rough sketche using charcoal to decide the position and the size of lotus.

I like to use charcoal at the beggining stage of drawing. Easily erased just with a stroke of brush.

Using chacoal also reminds me when we were working on the mural of a temple in Nepal. We had made the charcoal before started to make drawing. →https://www.facebook.com/TibetanThangka.KarmaGardri/photos/?tab=album&album_id=131658453928929





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