A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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Midnight photo shooting
My day start at 6:00AM with some prayers and meditation everyday.

There is a thangka of Vajra kilaya I painted in 2009.

Unlike the other thangkas I painted, this one is painted on Japanese silk. The silk specially for painting. Not very soft and smooth silk like you would imagine. It's more solid material.

Its texture is much more rough compare to the usual thangka canvas. For me, who is used to paint on smoothly prepared canvas, the tip of the brush were jumping almost like riding a bicycle on unpaved bumpy road or maybe my preparation of the silk isn't good enough? The good point is that the ink or gold paint flow very easily onto the silk.


When there is base color, even the thiny lines are not too difficult.

But it's quite difficult to paint small details where there is no base color. Can you see the texture of the silk?

And now this thangka is framed nicely and put at the entrance of small temple.
I like very much to see this framed thangka specially eraly in the morning or in the evening.
There is a quite big statue of Guru rinpoche beseide this thangka and when there is no light from the window, we can see very nice reflection of the statue on the glass of the thangka.

I have been thinking to get some picture. It has to be early in the morning or late in the night when there is no light from any window.

To wake up earlier than I do usually seems,,,,,hard. So I decided to do it one evening.
The summer is coming soon and there is still much light at 8 or 9 o'clock in Spain. I had to do the shooting almost around midnight. Tomorrow's prayer start at 6:00am. Sleepy,,,
Took some pictures and went to bed.

And the result,

Young looking Guru Rinpoche's reflection on the glass of Vajra Kilaya's frame.

I was taking the pictures in the strange position since there was a big sofa where I could see the reflection the best. But the image seems fine to me.

Small retouch and done!
It will be a nice image for a new website I'm making now.


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