A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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Thangka of 21 taras: Replica
I have been working on producing the replica of thangka of 21 taras in Japan.

Starting from scanning the thangka with super high definition scanner which I could find only in Japan and correction of the color together with the printing company.
All the staffs were very helpful to get the best result despite the busy period of the year.

I've just received the sample of the print today.

We have made two sizes. The bigger one is 1165x810mm which is almost the size of the original thangka and the smaller one, 620x431mm.

I will write more detail of the process later here but I'm really happy with the result.The DTP operater who helped me did great job.
The replica would appear dull and lose the impression if the color is too dark or has not enough saturation, on the other hand the replica would be flashy and lose the depth of the color of natural pigments if the color is adjusted too light.

The other important point was the color of gold which is one of thangka's characteristics. In considering these points, we worked together to bring the color close to the original as much as possible.


The process of making reproduciotn including the color correction has done very successfully with sharp details and it was greatly thanks to the scanner I used this time. I'm going to write about it here soon.


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