A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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"21 Taras" [in process...38 Burnishing the gold]
Burnishing the areas where are painted with gold.

Mainly the ornaments or some of the offerings.

We don't burnish every areas and where to burnish is depend on each painter and the tradition he follows.

For example, I don't burnish the gold patterns on the garments or the light rays on the nimbuses while some other painter do burnish these areas.

By burnishing the gold, this red Tara become,,,


Like this!
The gold is shiny after been polished.
Please refer to my old entry for the tools to burnish the gold. ~Burnishing the gold 02 April 20011~

This white Tara also,,,

Like this!

This technique can also be used for the clouds.

The real artist should express "Gold" without using gold is what I've heard once. But this doesn't apply to Thangka painting. We use real gold for Thangka.

For Thangka painting, to paint with gold is a way of offering. We use this precious material as offering to the deities. Generously and effectively.


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