A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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"21 Taras" [in process...37 Gold_7 Nimbus]
Following the gold pastern in the deity's garments, I've started the aura lines on the nimbus behind the deities.

The aura from the body of deities are described with two different lines.
Solid lines and wavy lines.


I usually make gently curved solid lines first.


And wavy lines afterwards between each solid lines.


The summer this year in Spain is really hot and humid.

It seems that I've carelessly rubbed the surface of the paint with my hand while I was working on the nimbus lines and ,of course, my hand was moist with perspiration with this weather.

I found an area of gold pattern was rubbed off and it took me quite a time and effort to fix it.

The thangka painting from Tibet, the land of snow, the roof of the world, is not easy to do in hot and humid country.


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