A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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The postscript of the last post about the fish glue.

I've received a message from Mr. Fujioka, saying "The white things floating in the glue solution may be dissolved if you heat more but then it might decrease the adhesive power. So it is the best to filter it."

And here I didn't wait this message and was using the glue without filtering.

It was when I was preparing the gold as usual.  Putting the glue solution drop by drop into the gold,,,

I saw something,,,slimy?,,,runny transparent substance went in the pot!

What is worse, it went together with plenty of white small substances and now my gold in pot is slimy and lumpy...

I can't just remove the slimy things out of pot. If I do that I'll lose a lot of gold.

I should pour some warm water into the pot, mix well, wait till the gold settle on the bottom of the pot and throw away the water,,,continue this several times.

Being lazy for small work caused me to lose a lot of time and the precious gold. I'll just filter it well for the next time.

Anyway, the work is going on with new gold I prepared in another pot.


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