A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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"21 Taras" [in process...32 Gold_2]
Begin to work on the clothing of the deities with gold.

Since I use the different brush to paint small patterns and long line, start with the long and thin lines such as border of the clothing and the halo around the head and body.

And for the leaves.

The next is the fire halo around wrathful Taras.

The fire halo of small taras are not so big this time but try to make effective gold lines because the impression of the fire with and without gold lines are very different as you see below.

This is without...

and with gold lines,,,

Another style of fire halo.

Small decoration on the crowns.

Write "HRIM"  on the ritual mirror called "Melong" in Tibetan which is depicted on the flower of Yangchen ma, the 2nd tara of the 21 taras.

I'm going back to Japan next week.

I was hoping to finish this thangka before I go to Japan or even before Losar(Tibetan New Year which was 19th Feb for this year).

I'll continue to work on this as soon as I come back from Japan.


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