A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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"Vajra Yogini"  ~Finish~

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"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...14 Gold Detail2]
Thin lines of gold on the halo behind Vajra Yogini.

"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...13 Gold Detail]
Gold for thangka painting from Nepal.
It's like small drops before prepare.

"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...12]
A little change according to Tulk Pema Wangyal Rinpoche's kind advice.

"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...11]
Eye retouching.

"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...10]
Flowers,flowers and flowers,,,


"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...9]
 Opening the eyes today,on the full moon day of Saga Dawa.


"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...8]
 Painting the bone ornaments.


"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...7]
The hair lines of Vajra Yogini.
The small part under the crown is still unfinished.

Small lines of the leaves with Indigo.


"Vajra Yogini"   [in process...6]
 Body shading of Vajra Yogini