A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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→ Japanese version
Lotus pond 4

​It is said that in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha, the water of the ponds bears eight fine qualities or healing qualities.

  1. pure
  2. cool
  3. delicious
  4. light
  5. soft
  6. good smelling
  7. no harm to throat
  8. no harm to stomach

Some qualities can be replaced with other such as relieving the thirst,  nourishing the senses or quenching hunger.

Maybe because I prepared the blue color for the water while I was thinking about these qualities, it has become a bit too,,,flashy?

It's also because the green color I used for the lotus leaves is very very low saturation.

I'm hoping it'll be fine as I'm going to use much more strong color later on.

After all, the tone or saturation of the color which we recognize is very much depend on the comparison with other colors.


Lotus pond 2

I have been quite busy and not able to settle down front of the canvas just to paint. As for the painting of lotus pond, I have managed to paint most part of the lotus leaves.

Mixing the color for the leaves took me a lot of time. I couldn't find good green color maybe because the canvas this time is much more yellowish than usual.

I started to paint the leaves with two transparent color. Indigo and Gamboge as originally planned but then when it was almost done I found it was too light,,, or weak.

I don't want this part to have strong saturation but still wanted little more solid impression.

I changed the plan and decided to use some of earth pigment.

Different ochre and green earth together with Indigo and Gamboge.


The images below are when I finished linning.


Lotus pond

The internet connection which came back to us alone has left us again even we have done nothing.

No way but to use my limited smart phone connection.

Fortunately I could make my Facebook page before the internet had gone. →https://www.facebook.com/TibetanThangka.KarmaGardri/


Now I'm working on a new paint which will be filled with a lot of lotus(lotuses?).

Lotus flower are often,,or almost always depicted in Thangka painting as scenery, offering or design on the deities clothing.


It's been a while since I really settle down myself on a cushion just to paint. I have been working on the booklet of 21 Taras as well as some new reproductions. I couldn't find time to be sitting face to face with a canvas.

But now I should restart my life as painter. I am a painter. Time is not to find but to make.

First, let's clean up my atelier.

It's also been a while since I really cleaned this beautiful room with the view of mediterranean sea. It will be difficult to do real heavy cleaning with color pot around once I started to paint.

The working place should be kept clean to produce nice thangkas,,,,is what I was taught and my experience tell me that's absolutely true.

Move everything and clean from top to bottom, in every corner without leaving any uncleaned part.

As final step to purify the working space, burn one of my favourite Japanese incense and ready to start new painting.

Today is Guru Rinpoche's day. A good day to start.

Prayer book of 21 Taras
A new project.

To respond to the request from a friend of mine, I have started to make small book. A book of "The praises to the twenty-one Taras". To have the images of each Tara as we pray.

It's a simple book but with great care for the image and color. I wanted the color of the images accurate, close to the color of the original paint because I have chosen the color with the utmost care and attention when I was painting the Thangka of "the Twenty-one Taras".

The color is very important factor in Tibetan Buddhism.