A Japanese artist paints Tibetan Thangkas in Spain.
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¢ª Japanese version
The "Patra" -the expression of the Light-

In Thangka painting, the body halo or nimbus is depicted as a colored circle around the deity's body.

The simple halo can be just a colored circle with shading and thin gold lines to depict the light rays from the body.

For more elaborated version consists of several repetition of complex spiral pattern called "Patra" which resemble the tale of the sea monster Makara.

Thangka of the Buddha Shakyamuni with gold Patra.

The sea monster "Makara" with golden spiral tail.
(image from Himalayan Art Resourses)


Thangka "Yum-Chenmo" ¡ÁPart 2¡Á

Continuation from the last post ¡ÚThangka "Yum-Chenmo" ¡ÁPart 1¡Á¡Û

I'm painting two almost same Thangkas in a different way of coloring. Painting as normal full color Thangkas with the base color layer, and painting with "Washes" without initial color layer.


The first one painted in usual coloring process with initial layer.

The lining on the initial color layer and few parts of shading are done in the image.


Thangka "Yum-Chenmo" ¡ÁPart 1¡Á

Here are two of my recent works. Both are Thangka of same deities in the same composition.

Yum-Chenmo(Prajnaparamita) with Gyajin(Indra) and Brahma(Tsangpa). The difference is the way they will be painted.

One of them will be painted in the same way often used to paint "Tsagli", Tibetan initiation card. Compare to the usual Thangka, there will not be the initial coat before make shading. Most of the shading will be done directly on the canvas. Both Thangkas will be painted with natural pigments and dyes.

Canvas was ready for this time so the first step is drawing.

Yum-Chenmo is a female deity with one face four arms.


Brahma on the left, offering "the Dharma Wheel".


Indra offering "the White Conch Shell".


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New Reproduction "Dewa-chen"

The reproduction of "Dewa-chen" is ready!

After I finished to paint "Dewa-chen" last year I went all the way to Barcelona to scan it with high definition scanner. I really would like to find a good scanner around Malaga one day. Though I like Barcelona. For some reason, being Barcelona reminds me Kyoto, in Japan.

"Dewa-chen" on the table of huge scanner. Ready to be scanned.

I found a piece of reproduction of my Vajrayogini Thangka from several years ago still shown as an example of their printing.

Making giclee print of Vajrayogini


We have made three different version of reproduction of "Dewa-chen" this time.


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Instagram account

Instagram account open!

I'm posting some images from my new and old works on Instagram.

Today's post were images from mural painting in Nepal, 2004!





Lotus pond "Dewa-chen"

It's been a while since the last post. Here is an update from beautiful sunset Malaga.

I have been really busy trying to finish my recent work before the end of 2017. On top of that, my camera suddenly showed "Error" sign and had to send to repair.

Now that I've finished my new painting after months of work and the camera is back from repairing, here is a report about the new painting of lotus pond "Dewa-chen".

The theme is Sukhavati or Dewa-chen in Tibetan.

The beautiful landscape of the western pure land covered with lotus flowers of different colors. Red, blue, yellow white, crimson. The leaves are full of vitality, none are withered, all are perfect.


Thangka of the Buddha Amitabha in 2005

It was about 12 years ago when I was living in Belgium.

One day a man came to visit me after seeing a Thangka of Guru Padmasambhava which was displaying in a organic shop  "La Tsampa".

Guru Padmasambhava


He said he liked very much the Thangka in the shop and would like to order one for him.

"The order is a bit special one. I would like you to paint a Thangka based on certain image which I like very much."

He showed me a small piece of paper with an image printed on.

The printed image was a Buddha with monks dress sitting on a throne.

I asked him,

"Do you want me to paint exactly same like the printed image?"

"No. Though this image is what I want it's just a simple image. So please improve it when you paint."

"And how about the color,,,?"

"The colors should be close to this image."

"In Tibetan tradition, the body of the Buddha Amitabha is red,, is it fine if I paint in red?"

"No, I would like you to paint like the color in the print."


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